What is Accessibility? Pizza for everyone!

Accessibility at Ligature Creative

At Ligature Creative we consider accessibility in everything we do. When we design logos, we ensure our designs “read” at smaller sizes. For editorial designs, we take care to ensure copy is not too small and doesn’t overlap busy backgrounds. While editing images we consider the image’s hierarchy. Is the image a featured hero meant to captivate? Is the image an accompanying graphic providing context? Or will the image be viewed “behind” content as a background? When we build websites, we consider all these things and more to help our clients speak to inclusive audiences.

Accessibility is the quality of being easy to approach, use or understand. In 2019, web accessibility made national headlines due to a landmark court ruling involving Domino’s Pizza. The restaurant chain was successfully sued when a patron, Guillermo Robles, was unable to order pizza on the Domino’s website or mobile app using his assistive screen reader. By choosing not to hear a case, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision that the “alleged inaccessibility of Domino’s website and app impedes access to the goods and services of its physical pizza franchises—which are places of public accommodation.” The court ruled that Domino’s must make its online services accessible similar to ensuring a brick-n-mortar store can accommodate wheelchairs.

When accessibility is ignored there is a segment of people under-served and unable to participate in all that society has to offer.

Although we aren’t making pizza, we are designing unique brands and building websites to help our clients make a positive impact in their industries. We believe those products and services should be accessible for all to learn, understand, and enjoy—just like pizza.

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Come back to Ligature’s Insights blog to learn more about accessibility in design and on the web. Look forward to tips and small adjustments you can make to improve accessibility across your organization’s marketing efforts.

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