At Ligature Creative, we don’t come to work every day — we show up every day to play and a lot of work gets done. We are energetic about our craft and want to create the best visual media for our clients. We work to live, and love to work.

We provide a thriving, creative and flexible workplace for Ligature employees and collaborators.

We chose Colorado. And we chose Denver. Why? Take your pick: the 300 days of sunshine, the progressive culture, the flourishing startup industry, the melting pot of people, the clean mountain air, the music scene, the beer, Nolan Arenado’s glove, the health-focused lifestyle and growing health tech scene, the green chili, the purple mountains’ majesty…

Meet Our Team

We bike to work and let a round of IPAs stir our creativity in the afternoon. The view’s pretty good when you live life a mile high.

Tamara Arredondo

Project Manager

Hannah Arredondo


Terence Devine

Director of Development

Rayna Kunzman

UI/UX Designer

Matt Meier

Co-founder / Creative Director

Kerri Mirtsching

Business Administrator

Jeffrey Paul


Lisa Pohlman

Art Director