We design for people, businesses, and organizations that do good work.

Ligature Creative is a queer-owned design studio based in Colorado & Ohio. We create beautiful, functional, and accessible designs to support organizations doing good work in the world with a focus in arts & culture.

So, what’s a ligature? Our namesake is a connection between adjacent letters in a typeface (think of “tt” being linked with a single crossbar). Yeah, it’s totally nerdy, but it also gets at the true heart of our work: connectivity. At Ligature, our goal is to connect with you, and in turn, facilitate connection between you and your audience.

We play as hard as we work, offering an experience for clients that’s worlds away from a traditional design agency and providing a fun and flexible environment for our team. We’re energetic about our craft and strive to create the best visual media possible, informed by the diverse experiences and perspectives of our team and collaborators. Explore our services here.

Community Connection

In 2016, we co-founded Happy Hour Foundation with a mission to inspire our community to connect with nonprofits through philanthropy, patronage and volunteerism. And beer.

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Meet Our Team

We work from home, yoga break for lunch and let a round of craft beer stir our creativity in the afternoon. Meet our spirited team of experienced designers, developers, community-builders and live-event aficionados.