Terence Devine

Director of Development

Our resident JavaScript junkie, Terence, is a skilled digital problem solver. Early on, he recognized the need for designers to adapt their practice using new tools and technology, and he’s been swimming in the coding pool ever since.

An equal opportunity gamer at heart, Terence is just as likely to challenge you to a board game as he is a round of Rocket League, or to invite you into his group for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. This fluid relationship between work and play makes him a natural answer-seeker and digital maverick, and he regularly leads  heavy interactive and database development projects for Ligature, infusing the work with his unique perspective and expanding his skillset. He got his earliest start with arts and culture listening to his mom, a gifted pianist, and enjoying theatre as a kid, and he continues to seek out live music whenever possible (ask him about his top ten favorite Phish shows).

Before joining Ligature, Terence held multiple web development and graphic design roles for creative firms and agencies. He received a Bachelor’s in Multi-Media and Graphic Design from Champlain College in Vermont, and hails from Voorheesville, New York.