Sam Touchette

Junior Graphic Designer

With a keen eye, Sam infuses communication and collaboration in his thoughtful design process. As a kid, he may have told you he wanted to be a dentist, but Sam was always more drawn to scissors than incisors and cut his teeth with myriad art classes. He lives that love of visual communication and storytelling outside the office with a passion for fashion, video games, and comic books.

He may be a Windy City slicker now, but this surprisingly woodsy Michigander grew up hunting and fishing and enjoys hiking, swimming, or simply sitting around a campfire with friends or his partner, Avi. Sam’s passionate about environmental protections, knows a mildly embarrassing amount of bird trivia and owns a pet bunny, Basil.

Sam studied illustration at the Kendall College of Art & Design before getting his degree in art history from Arizona State. Sam’s grit and curious love of learning prompted him to kindle a spark of inspiration to teach himself graphic design and worked in-house at a nonprofit health clinic before joining the Ligature team.