Hannah Arredondo

Web Developer

Hannah is Ligature’s de facto puzzle-solver, and is always looking for creative ways to make change while living her values. Passionate about environmental justice, Hannah created Captain Planet, a group for Ligature staffers to focus on making more environmentally friendly choices here and at home. When she’s not inspiring us to be better earth-friends, she’s probably studying up on space and astrophysics, finding bonkers deals on Facebook Marketplace (a skillset in itself), or heading out for a hike or a stand-up paddle surf.

For Hannah, living in the present means learning as much as possible about, and connecting deeply with, the environment in front of her. Her earliest exposure to arts and culture came through summer drama camps as a kid. These days she loves to be fully immersed in the universes of compelling characters that film and television can create, and capturing the world around her through photography.

After stepping away from her career in GIS to participate in Launch Code, a programming bootcamp, Hannah found exciting synergies between her training in geospatial mapping and the world of puzzle- and problem-solving found in web development. Hannah connected with Ligature following positions in web development and underwater geospatial analysis (ask her about nautical charts sometime). She originally hails from Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Geography: Geographical Information and Analysis.