Ligature Giving

In honor of Colorado Gives Day, I wanted to share with you a little about Ligature’s tradition of giving…

I met Jeff Paul and Matt Meier last fall, after an introduction from a mutual friend and client—Matt and Jeff were looking to possibly add a new team member to the Ligature family, so we met for some beers to get to know each other.

And around this time last year, Matt reached out to ask where he could donate to Locked Horn Press, a nonprofit I help run in my free time. I thought, “Wow! I’ve only met this guy once and he wants to help our organization.” Sure enough a donation appeared from Ligature Creative soon after—this is just the kind of thing Ligature does.

I joined the Ligature team in March of this year, on the eve of quarantine, and what a difference it makes when the work you do aligns with your personal values and beliefs. It’s been a tough year for us all, and many of our clients and friends have experienced tremendous losses. But we haven’t let that stop us.

With the simple mission to Do Good Work, we are a team that truly cares about community, helping to lift organizations through donations, volunteerism and engagement, beyond what we offer in creative services and partnership. Since our founding in 2012, we give annually to nonprofit organizations doing good work, and we have a tradition of growing that list every year with organizations our team members wish to allocate donations to.

In 2016, we founded the Happy Hour Foundation, along with 303 Software, to build upon our tradition of giving and inspire our community to connect with nonprofits through philanthropy, patronage and volunteerism. And beer.

We’re donating to more than 60 nonprofit organizations this year—something we’re extremely proud of in light of the current state of the world. We hope this might inspire you to give a little bit more where you can. And where you can’t give in dollars, you can always give in many other, often more appreciated, ways.

Let’s make our community stronger, together!


P.S. – Check out the rad Colorado organizations you can donate to at ColoradoGives!