There are few partnerships that have been closer than the one we have with Pairin. Aside from acting as their ongoing design and user experience team, we’ve been studiomates¬†and friends since we engaged with the company when Ligature was first getting on its feet.

To oversimply it, Pairin measures and helps develop noncognitive skills in individuals. This plays out best in education and business (hiring and development) and particularly well at the intersection of the two. Pairin is focused on preparing the next generation of employees for the workforce and matching individuals to careers and environments in which they can thrive.

Their product really is magnificent. We’ve used it at Ligature for hiring, employee development, and leadership development and it’s been immensely helpful.

Oh, and we got to design it, too. We began with Pairin’s brand design but quickly escalated into designing their whole app. Over a two-year engagement, we got them up and running with a new user interface, conducted ongoing user experience design and created print pieces related to their product.